Compelling, original stories that connect with your audience.

Lewin Productions is a full-service video production firm based in Los Angeles, California.  We provide turn-key corporate video solutions, creative services and high-end presentations to a clientele that spans energy, financial services, medical and pharmaceutical, consumer products and all areas in between.  Our expertise: creating strategic communication tools that engage viewers on a personal level..

What makes Lewin Productions different? We believe real stories are the most effective way to communicate. Our clients come to us with a communication challenge, and we work with them to uncover juicy stories that deliver their message in a memorable, compelling way. 

Why is this important? Because when viewers are connected and engaged... they're also ready to take action.

Don't know what your story is? We'll help you find it. That's what we do.

We're story finders and storytellers. We're Lewin Productions.