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Since 1995, Robin Lewin Productions has produced award-winning videos, films, and creative presentations for Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, and some of the top PR agencies in the world. Many of our clients see us as an extension of their own organizations, because we consistently deliver media solutions that are on-target, on-time, and on-budget.

Over the years, clients have commented on how their audiences responded to our work.

"Your video touched the hearts of our audience more than any other."

"The audience reacted like never before--"

"There wasn't a dry eye in the house." 

"There was an actual change in behavior after showing your video."

So we began to wonder-- why do our videos touch audiences in such a compelling way?  After all, it's corporate video, right?

As it turns out, our producers come from news, documentary and feature TV backgrounds... and all are incredibly story-driven. We learned early on that when you tell a good story, the audience is riveted.

We apply this approach to our corporate productions. Whether the subject is personal or technical, we strive to tell a story. We work with our clients to develop their message objectives, and then immerse ourselves in their world-- their subject matter-- to learn what will make our audience "get" the message... and how best to tell the story.

Often times, this includes using real people, not actors, on camera.  Our producers are highly skilled interviewers... meaning, that they draw out the most candid and authentic responses from our subjects.

The combination of our storytelling skills, marketing expertise, and corporate communication experience enable us to tell our clients' messages in the most powerful and compelling way.

Along the way, we've won over 50 national awards from organizations such as the Chicago Film Festival, WorldFest Houston, Public Relations Society of America, New York Film and Video Festivals, the U.S International Film and Video Festival, Telly Awards, and the Business Marketing Association. Our producers have also received commendations for their work in television, including four coveted Emmy awards.

Whether you've got a story to tell, or you need us to find the one that will win the hearts and minds of your audience, we invite you to contact us for a consultation on your next project.


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